Wholesale Cascara

Cascara is at the cutting edge of empowering farmers, improving sustainability, and managing our bodily health. The possibilities for are endless, which is why we'll work with you to make your own cascara creations. Our cascara has already been used in some amazing products, so maybe yours is next!

Our cascara is primarily sourced from a cooperative in Nicaragua, but we also offer limited releases from Panama (organic Geisha, uncertified) and Brazil (certified organic). Additionally, we adapt our Nicaraguan Cascara into syrups and concentrates that are easier in incorporate in product development. 

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Wholesale Pricing 

Dried Flakes, Nicaragua (All-Natural, Pacamara)
$8.00 – 14.00 / lb
Cascara Syrup (375mL) $84.00 / case of 12
Cold Brew Cascara Tea (Coming soon)
Cascara Soda (Coming soon)

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